Tap List

Thorrikk's Blood

$8 (16oz)/ $6 (9oz)

Whiskey Barrel Aged Dry Cider, aged for 3 months to bring out notes of whiskey oak.

Thorrikk's Darker Blood

$8 (16oz)/ $6 (9oz)

Whiskey Barrel Aged Dry Cider, aged for 9 months to truly highlight the whiskey essence.


Dry cider, aged for 3 months in Skip Rock rum barrels to draw rum flavor into your mouth.

$8 (9oz)/ $6 (5oz)

Wizard's Elixer

Slightly bitter, slightly sweet dry cider. We aren’t completely certain of the effects, but its tasty for a wizard drink!  

$8 (16oz) / $6 (9oz)

Hop-bit's Hole

We discovered this dry, hopped cider in a comfortable hole under a hill. The hops play delightfully with the apple tannins.

$8 (16oz) / $6 (9oz)

Maui's Brew

We sailed the eleven seas to locate this tropical dry cider, with hints of pineapple, orange, passion fruit and something called “guava.”

$8 (16oz) / $6 (9oz)

Scrappy Punk Brewing Coconut Blonde

Replicated from a recipe etched upon the walls of a beloved local brewery, lost to time. Rich, full bodied, and crisp brew with a coconut whisper.

$7 (16oz)/ $5 (9oz)

Three Bulls Brewery

Local to Snohomish, Three Bulls Brewery proffered a lightly hopped IPA with blackberry undertones in trade for a dwarven-gearwork golem.

$8 (16oz) / $6 (9oz)

Scumble's Journey

Dry cider, aged for 6 months in second run Skip Rock rum barrels, for a smoother taste, emphasizing the heart of the rum. 

$8 (9oz)/ $6 (5oz)

Acid Spray

The Wizard is at it again, this time with a sharper, bitter dry cider. For a wizard, his taste is refined.

$8 (16oz) / $6 (9oz)

Purple Hill

Named for the region in which our scouts found it, this tart-cherry enhanced brew of bitter-sharp dry cider tickles the palette. 

$8 (16oz) / $6 (9oz)

Aesir Meadery Dry Cyser

Aesir Meadery in Everett makes a wonderful Dry Cyser for which we happily traded some dwarf-crafted metalworks


$8 (9oz) / $6 (5oz)

Aesir Meadery Raspberry Cyser

During our adventures in Everett, we also traded a couple carts of silver for Aesir Meadery’s Raspberry cyser, a rich cyser mead with strong berry flavor.

$8 (9oz) / $6 (5oz)

Diamond Knot Root Beer

For the younger clansfolk and those tasked with cart driving, we have Diamond Knot Root Beer, crafted in Mukilteo and traded for dwarven fabrics.  

$4 (16oz) / $2 (9oz)