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Thorrikk's First Blood

$8 (16oz)/ $6 (9oz)

Whiskey Barrel Aged Dry Cider, single varietal gravenstein apples, aged for about 6 months.

Thorrikk's Darkest Blood

$8 (16oz)/ $6 (9oz)

Whiskey Barrel Aged Dry Cider, apple blend, aged for about 1 year.

Wizard's Elixir

Slightly bitter, slightly sweet dry cider. 

$8 (16oz) / $6 (9oz)

Flamerule Peach

Thorrikk’s Darkest Blood blended with fresh peach juice.

$8 (16oz) / $6 (9oz)

Mana Pie

Blend of marionberry and peach, steeped with mulling spices.

$8 (16oz) / $6 (9oz)

Maui's Brew

Ttropical dry cider, with hints of pineapple, orange, passion fruit and guava.

$8 (16oz) / $6 (9oz)

Scrappy Punk Brewing Coconut Blonde

Crafted from the original recipe from Scrappy Punk. You won’t find this anywhere else!

$8 (16oz)/ $6 (9oz)

Amber Ale

Amber ale from our friends at SnoTown Brewery in Snohomish.

$8 (16oz) / $6 (9oz)


.Dragonfruit lavender kombucha from Glory Bucha in Arlington

$8 (16oz) / $6 (9oz)

Scumble's Journey

Dry cider, aged for 6 months in second run Skip Rock rum barrels.

$8 (9oz)/ $6 (5oz)

Acid Spray

The Wizard is at it again, this time with a sharper, bitter dry cider. 

$8 (16oz) / $6 (9oz)

Maid Marion

Bittersweet apple blend with marionberry juice.


$8 (16oz) / $6 (9oz)

Aesir Meadery Citrus mead

Citrus mead made from navel oranges, minneola oranges and meyer lemons.

$8 (9oz) / $6 (5oz)

Aesir Meadery Mixed Berry mead

Mixed berry mead made with blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and lingonberries. Made exclusively for us!

$8 (9oz) / $6 (5oz)

Diamond Knot Root Beer

Diamond Knot Root Beer, crafted in Mukilteo.

$5 (16oz) / $3 (9oz)